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Boutiques in LA

Be on the look out when you are in LA and you’ll see my works in a local boutique! Currently, I have teamed up with ma+39 on Beverly Boulevard to display  “In the Flow“. This is an acrylic on canvas original from 2022, at 32″x47”. Contact me for exclusive pricing or additional information.

The Journey in 2022

My artistic journey has been continuing in 2022, all while so much goes on in the rest of life. I am proud and thankful to share a couple of the larger current events. No Boundaries Art Exhibit Shari Alec, the founder of Curative Collection, is pleased to be headlining the No Boundaries exhibit in the UBS […]

Art as a Global Business

Sotheby’s Art Institute; Art as a Global Business What contributing factors changed the art world over the last two decades? — Most definitely a resurgence of contemporary art taking over 50 percent of the market share internationally. With that came a revival of street art, pop, and emerging artists were at the same table as […]

A Beautiful Collaboration

I am forever grateful for the honor of working with some of the greatest talents out there. The energy will continue to flow in the most beautiful collaboration. Soon you will meet these beautiful artists that have entrusted me with these incredible works of art. Shari Alec

Has the New Normal Made ME Normal?

There I was in the middle of selling my place, thinking about what I was going to for the rest of my life. It was January 2020, and I knew it was time for a change. I wanted to pursue a career in art full time. Let me tell you, it was scary AF to admit.

Has the Pandemic Made Me a Better Artist?

It has been quite a time—a time of fear, hope, sadness, love, and change. They say change is a good thing. Well, I don’t know who “they” are and why “they” say it, but here’s what I’ve gleaned: You have to learn the rules so you know how to break them.

All You Need is Love (or a Mask and Vaccine?)

I am currently residing in Los Angeles, but really could be anywhere, except I can’t fully leave the house. As an artist, the past 10 months has given me a lot of time without distraction, to get more creative (if you can keep your TV, computer, and news alerts on your phone off – not possible).