Curative Collection, art consultation specializing in sourcing, curatorial services, design, acquisition, and collaborative efforts with the top artists, galleries, designers, and charities close to our heart. We work with people who share a passion for extraordinary beauty, energy, and spirit.

As an art consultant, Shari Alec is involved in every aspect of the business. She’s hands-on with every project, and responsive to every client’s vision and the intense connection to the art she creates and surrounds herself with. Collaborating with people in their home or work environment, requires an intimate knowledge of who they are, and the goals they’d like to achieve.

Representing artists requires the same intimacy and understanding. For this reason, Shari always strikes a balance between her business sense and creative spirit. With her unique aesthetics and forward thinking, Shari relishes seeing the completion of a design project from beginning to end.

Curative Collection aims to make art accessible in every context, while giving back at the same time. Their goal has always involved higher philanthropic aspirations, and with shari alec’s new entity she is committed to bring awareness to those in need.

Artist at Work

Artist Statement

Shari Alec is a contemporary artist who specializes in painting, photography, and drawing. She creates acrylic abstractions, as well as expressionistic figurations, using fluid marks placed against layered, neutral backgrounds. She generally prefers this technique, and manual manipulations in her abstractions.

“Using painting knives, blunt objects, as well as my hands to create art, implies something more tactile and organic. For me, this is much more personal than the brush. The feeling I experience is raw and free, both tender and personal.”

Shari has a strong foundation in painting, drawing, composition and color, complemented by a creative and inquisitive nature. Inspired by her natural environment, as well as the complexity and simplicity of the human experience, her work channels her interior life onto the canvas in an intuitive way.

Her photography expresses a more ethereal and dreamlike view, juxtaposed against the physical and powerful approach of her canvas abstractions. Both, however, convey the same soulful experience that is pervasive in all of her works.

“I have a camera with me at all times, and I am always observing. Sometimes something will catch my eye, like a shadow, or a person’s gaze. I like lines that don’t necessarily go anywhere but possess an unexplained beauty. That elusiveness and hidden beauty captivate me. There is somehow a perfect order to things, they must be here for a reason, so it might as well be for me to find them through my lens.“

Going to film school taught Shari much about the creative process, and how stories can change with a simple edit or direction. “This is true to life, and I find the concept of art imitating life to be very exciting.”
As a child, Shari recalls art and photography as a way to escape; it still does as an adult.

“I feel the most intense calming sensation when I am painting, drawing, or photographing something beautiful. It has taught me that beauty comes in all forms, and it has changed me in many ways. If I am upset, it calms me like nothing else. It takes me to a more soothing, beautiful, and exciting place.”

Born and raised in Montreal, Shari always found the architecture to be captivating and full of energy.

“Traveling in general inspires me to take photographs and paint. So many intense and beautiful colors, oceans, skies, and people- -people who struggle, people with a story–is what I capture through my lens and on my canvas. I love talking to people, learning their journey, and capturing that moment with them. It might just be a slice of life, but to me, that is the best part.”


Bachelor of Arts, Strategic Marketing / Art

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cinema

Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Art Business/Finance and Auction

Exhibits, Projects, Strategic Partnerships

  • The Four Seasons (Internationally)
  • Pacific Design Center
  • Soho House
  • Bergamot Station
  • PDC Lab
  • Development Projects
  • Restaurants (Internationally)
  • Foundations – Whitehead Institute
  • Galleries (Internationally)
  • JNA Gallery
  • Art LA
  • Art Iconix
  • Fathom Gallery
  • Art Leasing