All You Need is Love (or a Mask and Vaccine?)

I am currently residing in Los Angeles, but really could be anywhere, except I can’t fully leave the house.

As an artist, the past 10 months has given me a lot of time without distraction, to get more creative (if you can keep your TV, computer, and news alerts on your phone off – not possible). I have shifted my business model, created several new series of pretty great art, picked up some very cool artists, and by far the best part has been connecting with other people in and out of the art world. I have met the most fascinating people (virtually) and found that when we are all in the “stillness” we talk more – real conversations about life, our future, what we have learned, and what we all really want. At the end of the day, the commonality we share is that we want love: creative, professional, interpersonal.

I’ve discovered the art community is quite small, and we really have each other’s backs. The things I miss most during this period are tight hugs, seeing my friends and family whenever I want, and travel. I miss experiencing other countries and cultures. But while we’re sheltering-in-place, we can still support each other.

I cherish people I have chosen to be a part of my life – good, kind, loving people. It’s important to try and stay above the noise (and there has been a lot of noise). Kindness and love will always prevail, and the smallest gesture of goodwill especially goes very far, especially right now.

I can’t imagine doing anything else in my life, but what we’re doing at the Curative Collection–creating, collaborating, and giving back to people in need—has taken my passion and profession to another level. It’s been so inspiring to hear the excitement in people’s voices when I ask if they’re onboard to help. They’re so grateful, so am I. That is by far the greatest gift the Curative Collection gives me: knowing we’re there for each other!

It’s true, “All You Need is Love”. Thank you, Mr. Lennon.